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Postal Uniform Store is now processing all orders through Postal Uniforms US.
Try Postal Uniforms US for great low prices and excellent service for all of your postal uniform needs.

Postal Uniforms US caries a full line of postal uniforms for USPS employees including postal clothing, postal rainwear, postal accessories and USPS certified footwear. Postal Uniforms US provides postal uniforms for most postal service employees who are required to wear them including Letter Carrier, Motor Vehicle Service, Window Service, Mail Handler and Postal Maintenance. Postal Uniforms US postal uniforms are union made and made in the USA by highly respected, USPS approved, postal uniform manufacturers. Postal Uniforms US focuses on postal service uniforms for USPS employees. That is why their service is second to none, and their prices are the most competitive in the industry!

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If you recently made a purchase with Postal Uniform Store and need to exchange merchandise,
please contact Postal Uniforms US.

Postal Uniforms US
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